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Our Story

Sumofl was founded in 2022 by Sunil Vaishnav, a lifelong dog enthusiast and proud owner of two Labrador Retrievers, Sumo and Fluffy. After struggling to find trustworthy, practical guidance on training and caring for his own dogs, Sunil decided to create the resource he wished he had.

The Sumofl website and brand were born out of Sunil’s desire to share his extensive knowledge and experiences with dog lovers everywhere. Over the years, we’ve expanded from a hobby blog into the comprehensive dog care resource we are today.

Our Mission

Sumofl’s core mission is empowering dog owners to build safe, rewarding relationships with their pets. We provide expert-backed advice on everything from nutrition, training techniques, healthcare, grooming, and more.

Our goal is to make caring for your dog easy and enjoyable for owners of all experience levels. We’re committed to being your trusted guide through every step of your dog ownership journey.

Meet Our Experts

The Sumofl team brings together certified veterinarians, professional dog trainers, breeders, and experienced owners. Our writers have decades of collective wisdom when it comes to caring for dogs both big and small.

We take pride in providing our readers with accurate information they can trust. That’s why we have a rigorous editorial process focused on citing credible sources and adhering to industry best practices.

For the Love of Dogs

At the heart of Sumofl lies an undying passion for our canine companions. We believe every dog deserves an owner who will give them the best care possible.

We’ll continue working hard to provide the top-quality guidance our readers expect. Thank you for being part of the Sumofl community – we’re glad you and your dog are here!

Woof woof, The Sumofl Team